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Management Philosophy

Bringing joy of creating shamisen to players,
Bringing joy of playing shamisen to listeners,
Bringing joy of listening and excitement is our pleasure!


We wish to deliver Japanese beautiful sounds and the dawning new culture to our children and grandchildren,
and all over the world.

“Bringing joy of listening and excitement is our pleasure”
This is a passage from Management Philosophy of Komatsuya.
It was when I was 22 years old that I first encountered a shamisen, when I started lessons under my teacher. My teacher gave me a thin Nagauta-shamisen from among his own shamisens, showing his sympathy to my modest living conditions. I bought the cheapest skin and a wooden plectrum (“Kibachi”) at a shamisen shop. I still remember how I was moved when I first heard the sound of my shamisen.
The life thereafter was like a dream. For almost 40 years since then, the shamisen has been always beside me. I became independent at the age of 38, but I have been engaged exclusively in liaison activities, not involved in shamisen manufacturing. However, my wish for satisfaction in manufacturing and hope to manufacture good products were more and more stronger and deeper at the bottom of my heart.
Recently, the Japanese culture, which has evolved uniquely in the world, has attracted much attention from all over the world. I feel how blessed and lucky I have been to have my life involving shamisen music, which is a part of the Japanese culture.
I wish to make the people of the world know and experience this wonderful culture as much as possible, and share the happy feeling with the manufacturers, players, and listeners.
This is our management philosophy and wish.

Hideo Komatsu

Company Profile

Company Name
Sangen Komatsuya
  • Head Office: Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Workshop: Soka-shi, Saitama
October 1992
Our Business
  • Distribution, manufacturing, and repair of shamisen, consultation on Japanese musical instruments, etc.
  • Development of the artificial shamisen skin Ripple.
Our Main Products
Shamisen (Nagauta, Kouta, Jiuta, Minyo, Tsugaru), Kokyu, and other musical instruments in special sizes in general.
Soot bamboo bridges “Koma” (for Tsugaru).
Major Materials Used
Kouki wood, Shitan wood, Karin wood.